Additions To The Collective for September 2001!

24-SEP-2001: Divided the links on "Without Adult Supervision" title page into chapters.

24-SEP-2001: Added a 'rumor' to the Captain Chicken gallery page.

24-SEP-2001: Updated Page 7 of the "Chicken Farewell Tour".

24-SEP-2001: Added page 42 to "Without Adult Supervision".

19-SEP-2001: Added page 41 to "Without Adult Supervision".

18-SEP-2001: Added a page containing the Austin Drive-In information from the Austin Chronicle. Using the randomizer function, I've put in a rotating link to the Austin page and the San Antonio page. At this time, the Austin page contains a few facts from a local newspaper.

17-SEP-2001: Added page 5 to Chapter 5 of "Alien Abduction!".

17-SEP-2001: Updated Page 5 of the "Chicken Farewell Tour".

17-SEP-2001: Added page 40 to "Without Adult Supervision".

16-SEP-2001: Updated Page 2 of the "Chicken Farewell Tour".

13-SEP-2001: Added a new image to the rotating "splash panel" pool.

13-SEP-2001: Added page 39 to "Without Adult Supervision".

13-SEP-2001: Updated Page 1 of the "Chicken Farewell Tour".

13-SEP-2001: Added pages 3 & 4 to Chapter 5 of "Alien Abduction!".

10-SEP-2001: Added page 38 to "Without Adult Supervision".

10-SEP-2001: Updated Page 3 of the "Chicken Farewell Tour".

10-SEP-2001: Added a "prologue" to the "Chicken Farewell Tour".

06-SEP-2001: Added page 37 to "Without Adult Supervision".

05-SEP-2001: Started Chapter 5 of "Alien Abduction!".

04-SEP-2001: Added page 36 to "Without Adult Supervision".

03-SEP-2001: Added pages 34 & 35 to 'Without Adult Supervision'.

03-SEP-2001: Added a new sound effect to page 8 of chapter 4 of 'Alien Abduction'.

03-SEP-2001: Move the July history to the "Previous Additions" section.

03-SEP-2001: Split the tips page into multiple pages for our dial-up friends!

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