Prologue: Watched!

Our story so far,

One winter, not long ago, a little chicken was wandering in the wilderness in search of food. Driven by hunger, the little chicken approached an isolated farm house. The owner of the farm house was a lonely old man. The antics of the little chicken amused the old man. He had nearly forgotten how good it felt to laugh! He made friends with the little chicken by giving him food and a warm place to sleep. In return, the little chicken provided the old man with the companionship he desperately needed. As time passed, the old man realized the little chicken wasn't the "usual" sort of chicken. No, this little chicken was smarter than any chicken the old man had seen before. The old man decided he would teach the little chicken as much as he could about the world around them.

Young Captain Chicken has rejected the advice of his friend, and mentor, "the old man" and gone into town by himself to see a movie at the drive-in theater.

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