Young Captain Chicken


'Alien Abduction!'


Today, Captain Chicken is a force for justice. He is feared by criminals, loved by children, admired by women and envied by men. Captain Chicken is driven to protect the weak and punish the guilty. More than just a physical brute, Captain Chicken has a keen mind and an introspective soul. The consequences of his actions are never far from his thoughts.

But he was not always this way. When he was young, he was just a chicken. A chicken on a collision course with a destiny he might not have otherwise chosen. Some people call it a "paradigm shift". We call it "Young Captain Chicken: Alien Abduction".

Prologue - Watched! (Work In Progress!)

Chapter 1 - Taken!

Chapter 2 - Caged!

Chapter 3 - Hidden!

Chapter 4 - Vanished!

Chapter 5 - Poked, Prodded, and Probed!

Chapter 6 - Activated!

Chapter 7 - Microwaved!

Chapter 8 - Frozen!

Chapter 9 - Asphyxiated!

Chapter 10 - Battered, Beaten and Bruised!

Chapter 11 - Tied!

Chapter 12 - Sprayed! (Complete!)

Chapter 13 - Inspired! (In Progress!)

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