Kid Chicken

Captain Chicken's newest student is Kid Chicken.

Kid Chicken has been described by his publicist as 'a young fighting cock with an attitude'.   Radio personalities, newspaper columnists and talk show hosts have compared him unfavorably to 'Scrappy Doo', sometimes going so far as to call him 'Kid Doo'.

Unlike Captain Chicken, who spent his early life living in the wilderness, Kid Chicken was hatched in a nest located "on the wrong side of the tracks". The life of an urban chicken is not an easy one. Kid Chicken was forced to grow up fast, and smart, to survive on the mean streets of the big city.

This little chicken apparently gained his amazing abilities when he found himself at the wrong place, at the wrong time. While waiting to cross the road, Kid Chicken was covered with hazardous chemicals and irradiated medical waste when two trailer trucks collided at a busy intersection. After his burns healed, Kid Chicken began waging a one chicken war on the criminal syndicates involved in the illegal disposal of hazardous waste. The savagery of his attacks soon brought him to the attention of Captain Chicken.

Concerned that Kid Chicken's thirst for vengeance would eventually destroy him, Captain Chicken convinced Kid Chicken to become his student. This was yet another 'Mystery Men' moment for Captain Chicken, as he was able to apply yet another lesson from that great film that had so changed his life. Even now, Captain Chicken can remember the first time he heard the words 'You must master your rage, or you rage will become your master'.

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