They can't do it!
The bag is too heavy for them to lift into the car!

What next? Admit defeat? If brawn fails, can brains succeed?

Captain Chicken is master of several Eastern mental disciplines. The Captain has spent many hours attempting to teach these skills to his young students. Despite their poor study habits, Kid Chicken and Runner Weasel have learned enough to further their mischievous plans!

The pair exchange a meaningful look and then close their eyes. It is time to put their training to the test!

Their breathing begins to slow as they empty their minds of all thoughts. When all cares, doubts and distractions have vanished, a single image appears in their minds -- the bag! The image of the bag becomes clearer and clearer until finally the bag becomes their universe. When their concentration reaches its peak, the image of the bag begins to change. No longer is it just a bag, it is a bag in motion! A motion driven by pure mental energy! An energy that must be released!

And the bag? The bag moves!

The bag seems to leap into the car.


The boys awaken from their trance beneath the bag. As they squirm free, they wonder how much time has passed. Is there time to hide the bag before their mentors return?

'Without Adult Supervision!' - Page 58